Minnamurra Rd Residence

When Adam and Deb contacted Decoroom they had seen our work previously at our Cammeray project featured on our website. These clients loved our design approach and selected Decoroom for their new home. With Andrew from TPS Constructions ready to renovate the home we were quickly on board with the interior design process. The first stage was a full joinery design for every part of the home including media room fitout working with Andrew’s fantastic team. Design of the wonderful fireplace in this home and selection of rock cladding that now is the pinnacle of the project. Full interior design services were used here and full fit out of interior furnishing including curtains, all new furniture selections, artwork selections and lighting selections…finishing with outdoor cushions.


  • Joinery design and execution to every room including wardrobes and media joinery
  • Curtain selections, making and execution
  • Furniture layouts, selection and supply
  • Fabric selections for all new items in the home
  • Rug design, sizing and fit out
  • Shutters
  • Lighting selection
  • Artwork selection
  • Rock cladding selection and tiles
  • Design of the fireplace in conjunction with TPS Constructions


Photography by Lisa And A Day